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Loren David - Story writer for "The Lost Boy"

When Loren was four years old, the evolution of “The Lost Boy” began with his sparked interest in giants.

“Baba,” as Loren calls his grandfather, and his grandmother always read books to him when his parents dropped him off for a visit.  That’s when his focus on giants began.

Loren talked about giants at meals, during walks, at the playground, etc.  Baba would encourage his imagination and creativeness by making suggestions.  For example, he suggested that there might be baby giants in the closet and that giants had been seen in the neighborhood.   He told Loren that giants were super friendly so he didn’t have to be afraid.

Before they knew it, Baba and Loren were inventing stories about giants.

Loren has always enjoyed singing very much.  So as they created stories about giants, they also composed songs to accompany those stories.

The area of the Sierras in California where they live is part of the “Gold Country.”  This became the backdrop for their tales of giants.

Across 3 1/2 years, the stories evolved into one story with a beginning, middle and end.  Baba decided to publish the story so Loren, now seven, could see it in book form as the creator.